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Washington Sinmoo Hapkido was founded in March 2003 by Dr. Bradley with only 5 students.  This group dedicated themselves to daily training at 6am at Bastyr University.  The club continued as the Bastyr University Hapkido Club until 2008 when it moved to Martial Sports in the Queen Anne district of Seattle.  In June of 2009 Washington Sinmoo Hapkido moved to Eastside Martial Arts in Kirkland until 2012.  We now have a permanent location at Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts in North Seattle.

Student Rank Pages

  1. -White Belt

  2. -Green Belt

  3. -Blue Belt

  4. -Red Belt (coming soon)

  5. -Brown Belt (coming soon)

  6. -Black Belt (coming soon)

Sinmoo Hapkido Classes


Evening Class:

  Monday & Wednesday  7-9pm

  Thursday 6-7pm

Morning Class:

     Monday & Wednesda  7-8am


Monday & Wednesday 5-6pm

Tuesday & Thursday

   - Beginners 4-5pm

  1. -Advanced 5-6pm


Saturday 9-10am

Tuesday 5-6pm

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This website is designed to be a reference tool to your daily training.  This is a paid site that is for students actively training and is part of the monthly training dues through Washington Sinmoo Hapkido.

It will be updated regularly and will have handouts on various topics, will have pictures for reference to various techniques and sets of techniques and will also offer training tips and suggestions.  It will be updated each month with new tools to enhance your training.  Remember though, nothing on this site can substitute for the hard work that is necessary to actually learn and apply Hapkido techniques.  To intellectually know the techniques and to memorize the order for various sets is only a small part to this training.  Hard work and dedicated practice are still the most important tools to make these techniques yours and to further advance your training.

This site is for your PERSONAL USE, so please do not plagiarize this information.  These are adjunctive tools to assist you with what you have already been taught in class.  These are not resources to learn new material by any means. 

The Neo-Confucian approach to learning goes deep in Korea and Korean Martial Arts.  Hapkido is no different and requires a student to not only practice the skills that hold roots in different traditions, but also to diligently study and research.  I encourage you to use this site as a starting point to further your research and study.

“study it widely, inquire into it thoroughly, ponder it carefully, sift it clearly, practice it diligently.” -Zisi 子思

“或生而知之,或學而知之,或困而知之,及其知之,一也;或安而行之,或利而行之,或勉強而行之,及其成功,一也。” 子思

“好學近乎知,力行近乎仁,知恥近乎勇。知斯三者,則知所以修身” - 子思

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